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1. Introduction


This Fulfillment Policy outlines the terms and conditions under which 8020CRM, a product of GetReal Solutions LLC, operates concerning orders, delivery, cancellations, and refunds. By purchasing and using our services, you agree to the terms set forth in this policy.

2. Orders and Delivery

2.1 Order Confirmation Upon placing an order for 8020CRM, customers will receive an order confirmation via email. This confirmation will include details about the product, onboarding, pricing, and expected delivery timeline.

2.2 Delivery Timeline Our team will begin the implementation process immediately upon confirmation of the order. The expected timeline for the full implementation and onboarding process will be outlined in the implementation agreement contract signed prior to onboarding.

2.3 Access to Services Customers will receive access credentials and any necessary documentation via email within the agreed-upon timeframe. Any delays will be communicated promptly to the customer.

3. Payment Terms

3.1 Pricing All pricing for 8020CRM services is quoted in USD and is inclusive of all applicable taxes unless otherwise specified. Detailed pricing information will be provided in the implementation agreement contract.

3.2 Payment Schedule Payments are to be made as outlined in the implementation agreement contract. Typically, payments may be structured as initial deposits followed by scheduled payments throughout the implementation period, and monthly license based subscriptions.

4. Refunds and Cancellations

4.1 Refunds Refunds are governed by the terms outlined in the implementation agreement contract signed prior to onboarding, and contingent upon the current existing MSA in place between GetReal Solutions LLC and Salesforce Inc. Any requests for refunds must be submitted in writing and will be processed according to the specific terms agreed upon.

4.2 Cancellations Cancellations are also governed by the implementation agreement contract and contingent upon the current existing MSA in place between GetReal Solutions LLC and Salesforce Inc. Customers must provide written notice of cancellation. Any applicable fees or penalties for cancellations will be detailed in the contract.

5. Support and Maintenance

5.1 Ongoing Support GetReal Solutions LLC provides ongoing support for 8020CRM as part of the service agreement. Details regarding support services, including response times and contact methods, are outlined in the implementation agreement contract. Additional services may be purchased adjusting the expected response times and level of support offering.

5.2 Maintenance and Updates Regular maintenance and updates to 8020CRM are included in the service agreement. Customers will be notified in advance of any scheduled maintenance that may impact service availability.

6. Amendments

GetReal Solutions LLC reserves the right to amend this Fulfillment Policy at any time. Customers will be notified of any significant changes to the policy, and the updated policy will be made available on our website.

7. Contact Information.


If you have any questions about this fulfillment policy or your implementation contract, please contact GetReal Solutions at


Last Updated: June 5, 2024

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