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Introduction to Machine Learning

1 hr

How to leverage ML models, what they are and what they can accomplish for you.


Digital Marketing Strategies

5 mins


Web Development Crash Course

1 hr 30 mins

The quick skinny on how to build your first web app.


Healthy Cooking Tips

10 mins


Yoga for Beginners

3 mins

Downward Dog, Early Sunrise and all the Yoga things.

  • How do you stack up to other CRMs, what makes 8020CRM different?
    The product is built on and synergizes the latest AI innovations, industry leading Data API’s and the stack of Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud and Experience Cloud to bring you the most scalable and holistic CRM available, hands down. As an open platform, it is anything but a black box – you’re not restricted in customizations, reporting, integrations, or from creating exactly what you need to streamline your business. It has been developed with UI/UX in mind, leveraging the impressive power and capacity of the Salesforce vehicle and adding a layer focused on the user experience and activity efficiency. This wasn’t whipped up in a few hours locked away in your grandma’s garage, this has been iterated over, scrutinized, and professionally architected and developed over many years, and continues to improve at a rapid pace. Every thread of the product has been designed with adaptable business process optimization at its core, enabling your team to operate at a different level in the way you define. We are harnessing the ever increasing power of AI to make sure each user’s interaction with your data and the customer has high potency. With 8020CRM you will find a polished and complete product, with the features you need to thrive, capable of handling anything you throw at it and then some. When you’re ready to change the game – we’re ready for you.
  • Who else are you working with or who have you collaborated with in creating 8020CRM?
    We operated a mid-size multi-state operation and built 8020CRM along the way. It was born in the trenches and on the backs of experience. We also participate in several masterminds and work directly with top performers in the industry to develop the most complete and high performing option on the market. If you have great ideas on how to change the game and the industry, and want to see it come to a reality in your CRM, let’s collaborate! If you’re interested in more detail on who we’ve worked with, schedule a call with us!
  • I want in! What’s the process to get started with 8020CRM?
    After discussing and assessing your needs in 1 to 2 discovery calls (or more if needed), we will provide an implementation agreement, outlining scope of work, time frame, and cost, for your review and signature. Once accepted, we’ll schedule onboarding and training and then launch your instance of 8020CRM as soon as the initial onboarding fee has been paid. This process can be as quick as 1 day, and typically happens within a week or two, depending on your schedule.
  • How long does it usually take to get up and running with 8020CRM?
    Onboarding, including standing up your 8020CRM instance with all users, permissions and company data – setting up Marketing Cloud and Experience Cloud, data migration, integrations, fine-tuning and training typically takes 6-8 weeks.
  • Do I need to contact Salesforce to get a license, or do you provide that for us?
    As official Salesforce Partners, we make it easy to get started and to add users down the road, handling all of the licensing for you so you don’t have to haggle. Additional user provisioning can take up to 24 hours (but is often much quicker), and will be charged at the same rate and be co-termed with your current agreement or contract.
  • Who on my team needs a license?
    User licenses are required for accessing the platform, modifying or entering records or data, tracking activities, communicating with customers, and working with the extensive tools 8020CRM provides. Details depend on your specific setup and needs, but we recommend that any team members that you know will need regular access, be able to work with records and data, or perform actions related to your customers will want to have their own user license.
  • Who do I pay for the licenses? You or Salesforce?
    We are official Salesforce Partners and operate in several of their partner channels. This gives us a strong relationship and advantage on your behalf. We handle all of the contracting with Salesforce to provide you lower rates, a frictionless experience and much smoother cash flow. While you will pay GetReal directly, the contract with Salesforce includes a Master Service Agreement (MSA) that is non-cancellable and non-refundable for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Do I have to pay for onboarding?
    Yes, while the total amount varies based on your requirements, onboarding fees cover the extensive setup and support provided to ensure a positive transition experience and are paid upfront. For more information about payment, please set up a call here or start a chat with us!
  • How long does training take, what does that look like?
    Training usually takes four weeks (the last 4 weeks of onboarding), with 1 to 2 one-hour sessions per week covering multiple items interactively. We will assign homework to ensure better adoption, and highly encourage all to attend and participate.
  • Do you have training videos and/or content?
    Yes, we have a knowledge center platform where you can access all the training catalogs available. We also have a YouTube channel that will continue to grow. Come join us, like and subscribe and share your feedback!
  • Do you provide customer support?
    Yes, we offer different support tiers. The standard package provides a response within 24 hours, while the Elite Support package offers responses within 4 to 8 hours. Elite Support also provides extended services for those that may need a little extra admin help. These services can be added to your contract at anytime from within your 8020CRM app in Salesforce.
  • Can you or I migrate my existing data?
    Yes, first off - we aim to provide you an optimal service and experience that is second-to-none. Data can be quite the animal, so for onboardings that include data migration, we will take care of this for you! At any time, you can migrate data from external CRMs, databases or sheets to 8020CRM as well. We provide templates and guidance for you, ensuring it is in the correct format for a smooth transition. There are many tools, tips and tricks available here: Salesforce - Data Import & Export Hack Salesforce - Data Management in 8020CRM Salesforce - Data Import Tools
  • Can you or I integrate additional apps into the platform?
    Yes, we can integrate any application that has an API connection, many are already available on the AppExchange. Salesforce and 8020CRM are open APIs, so you can also use tools like Zapier or Make to connect thousands of other applications. We typically handle this as part of onboarding for those with it included, and have a team available to get you taken care of. We are also happy to show you how to tackle it yourself, for those that like to be in the know with the business operations!
  • What Phone and/or SMS services do you support or integrate with?
    We support any system with an API or available Salesforce package. Examples include: 360 CTI/SMS AirCall JustCall SmrtPhone RingCentral Dialpad Five9 ZoomPhone If you’re looking for a new provider, most of these allow you to bring your own number, meaning you can port your existing numbers from your current CRM or system and don’t have to start over with new ones.
  • How does 8020CRM leverage AI?
    We integrate AI models throughout the platform, including, but not limited to, internal chats using the latest paid models, sms/text assistants, automated dispositions and listing descriptions, record summaries, scoring, and recommendations, etc. We are currently working on your full time AI Assistant that can transcribe calls, summarize messages, update scores and place data for each user, in real-time, at scale. Additionally, Salesforce offers many supplemental AI features that you can subscribe to, covering a vast array of use cases.
  • How often does 8020CRM get updated, and what updates do I get?
    We constantly gather client feedback from across the user base and work to continually improve the platform. We follow the agile methodology and aim to update the system bi-monthy or quarterly. We deliver our most powerful updates, for free, to you automatically.
  • I need better access to visualize my data. Do you provide any pre-built reports or dashboards to empower my decision making?
    Yes, we offer over 15 dashboards and 200 reports out of the box that are specifically designed for your team roles. These dashboards cover your marketing efforts, data, lead management, sales activities and pipeline, transactions, financials and projections and much more! You are free and encouraged to modify the existing dashboards or create your own to suit your company’s needs. In some instances, we also deliver CRM Analytics, which is Tableau on top of your Salesforce data. This will certainly allow you to take your reporting and decision making to another level.
  • Am I able to customize the layouts, branding or other aspects within 8020CRM?
    Yes, you can customize your layout, add your logo, and brand your application. In fact, we encourage you to make the platform your own, and have architected in a way to keep it as open as possible to the customizations you prefer!
  • Can I change the picklist field options/values, such as Status and Stage fields?
    Yes, we know that each business operates a little differently, you can change any of the available field values to suit your needs. For more information on how to do it, please check this video clip.
  • We want to add a module for another part of our business. Do you offer custom development support?
    Yes, we offer extensive support and custom development hours. If you need to change or integrate something specific that we might not currently have, or would like to add an entirely new business unit, we can accommodate your needs. 8020 CRM encourages imagination and can help bring any vision you have to reality.
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